N3BYR - Greg Colburn

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Name: B. Greg Colburn Jr.

Callsigns: N3BYR, WRML768, WDM2208

About me

I currently volunteer with the ARRL under the Georgia Section Field Organization as a Technical Specialist. Some of the things I do in this capacity are giving demonstrations/presentations on various subjects at club meetings, coordinate information to and from the GA Section Technical Coordinator and other technical specialists throughout our area, and assist the Technical Coordinator as needed for RFI issues or other technical based issues. I also like to find different items to highlight when I see ideas that are better approaches or better solutions throughout the hobby. Its these things that tend to help us expand as a hobby.

I work weak signal (Primarily 23cm, 70cm, 1.25cm, and 2m) with SSB and sometimes CW. I get on the MF and HF bands occasionally when the opportunity permits. My background includes degrees in Computer Science, Psychology, and Music (all with honors), and mechanical engineering through skills trade experience and 20 years as a fabrication and engineering SME for aerospace and weapons systems with the United States Air Force.

Now a retired USAF veteran, and over 30 years working in mechanical engineering and fabrication, technology, electronics, cybersecurity, programming, and hacking as a professional and hobbyist. I've garnered just enough information in my head to make me think I know nothing, which is always a safe bet. I currently work within the cybersecurity realm full time for the defense industry since retiring from the service. I have been a Ham Radio operator since Apr 1992 and hold my Amateur Extra along with a Restricted Radiotelephony, GMRS, and Marine operator licenses. I have been involved in MARS and currently active with ARES. I have no inventions, spectacular stories, or major milestones in Ham Radio or communications, yet...

You can visit N3BYR on QRZ by clicking this sentence.

Home Station - Equipment Side


  • 50Mhz Loop/Quad (Home Brew)
  • 2m/1.25/70cm Vertical (Top of mast center)

  • Hustler 6BTV 80-40-30-20-15-10 Vertical
  • EFHW 40m & 20m for HF VARA/Packet
  • Icom IC-705
  • Icom IC-7300
  • Icom IC-706mkII
  • Icom IC-718
  • Icom ID-52A
  • Icom IC-9700
  • Q5 Signal 222-28HP Tranverster (222Mhz)
  • Icom IC-251A
  • Yaseu FTM-3100 (Packet Node)
  • Kenwood TM-V7a
  • Heathkit SB401 / SB303
  • HackRF One (902, 2304. & 5760Mhz)

Data Nodes

VHF Packet 145.030MHz FM (Yaesu FTM-3100)
  • ARES has priority on this node for EmComm and Exercises
  • Grid EM82dn86 - 65 watts 8.7dBi (326w ERIP) 45'
  • EmComm Power Available - Severe WX Ant@20'
  • N3BYR-10 Middle Georgia RMS/Winlink Gateway
  • N3BYR-12 Middle Georgia Packet Chat (BPQ Chat Room)
  • N3BYR-7 Digipeater and Main Menu
  • N3BYR Direct Keyboard (If I'm at the console)
  • Node is accessible remotely from AREDN Mesh Network
  • **Cheat Sheet and Node Info on Presentation Pages**
  • (All other SSIDs are portable or APRS)
HF Packet 14.105MHz / 7.104MHz (Icom IC-718)
  • VARA HF RMS N3BYR-10 Center Frequencies
    • 14.1032 (dial 14.1017) 1300-23300z
    • 7.1022 (dial 7.1007) 2330-1300z
  • 14.105 - 13:00 to 23:30 UTC (9a - 7:30p Local)
  • 7.104 - 23:30 to 13:00 UTC (7:30p - 9a Local)
  • Located EM82dn86 - 50w output
  • BBS - CHAT - Digipeat - AXUDP Linked
  • N3BYR -1(Mail/BBS) -7(Digi/Node) -12(Chat)
  • (To link please reach out to me!)